Mums Who Bat For Other Mums – Thank You Leena

It has been a hectic year or more at work, paced suitably with tons of travel, three state commutes (Noida – Delhi – Gurgaon), a voracious amount of action with our teams growing and of course scores of other things I keep saying yes to. A fun in the trenches roller coaster, except it is(…)

What are YOU Asking for Today?

How many times have you hoped to ask a colleague for something they are knowledgeable about and didn’t? Did it happen that you wanted to get someone to baby sit, so that you could spend time elsewhere? Ever caught yourself in a loop of hesitation over something so simple to ask? Don’t know how to(…)

Kiss of Good Health

Being the CEO of a company, mother to a 10-year-old I have a schedule that requires me to travel almost 3 days a week and come back home to my daughter every night. Amidst the crazy schedule I am left with barely any time to take care of my health. As I enter my late(…)

Do it as Love

Love as career strategy is not something taught in our schools and colleges. The burden of logical decisions, duly accorded by market forces and trends shapes our education, jobs, career and life decisions. Fairly so! There is a place for that. What if we inverted this on its head and make love the centrifugal force(…)

Do the new

Careers are a maze and more so for women managing multiple responsibilties. The good news is that change is so constant that everyone needs to manage transitions all the time. Workplace, skills, business models, companies are all undergoing severe changes and the best way to thrive in this environment is to do the NEW! Here(…)

Hacking your job search

Finding a job that fits is a major task and executing your job search well is of utmost importance to be able to find one. In any case, there are more people looking for jobs, than the jobs themselves. So thriving in your job search matters. Here are a few tips: Mind your Ps and(…)

Send the elevator down!

I happened to be in a room full of women leaders from corporate India recently. Each of these women represented career success and were role models in their fields. Their names appear in business dailies and their success often celebrated and rightly so. They have worked very hard to be where they are and have(…)

Ten #TakeCharge Career Values

Agility: Speed is the need, as businesses cycles get shorter, customers more demanding and businesses change every few weeks. Responding constructively with minimum dissonance in the environment. Action: Something lingering in your head, an idea you are carrying around, a conversation that is pending – act. The best way to put yourself out there and enhance the(…)

Gender Diversity at Workplace Takes a Leap Forward with Sairee Chahal’s SHEROES platform !

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”- said Hillary Clinton once. Sairee Chahal, Founder and CEO of SHEROES agrees and says  “Power is where money is and money is in hands of those who run business and commerce,” in her talk with Techstory. Unfortunately, in a country like India where the potential of women has always been ignored(…)

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