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A Place Where 600,000 Women Look for Work That Works for Them

Sairee Chahal built a platform that connects women across India with flexible careers, allowing them to balance the competing demands of family and a job. When Sairee Chahal attended a high-school reunion in Muzaffarnagar, India, several years ago, she found that most of the women she had studied with, despite being highly qualified, were no(…)

Marriage can make you Sexist

“All she needs to do is sit and look pretty”; “They shouldn’t have let her helm the project, I hear she’s trying for a baby”; “This job is too stressful for women”; “She gets to leave work early because of her kids”; “She’s PMS-ing. SCARY!” Raise your hands if you’ve heard these conversations directed at(…)

Opening new doors for women in India

Sairee Chahal is co-founder of Fleximoms, a diversity solutions provider based in Delhi which connects women seeking to enter or re-enter the workplace with job opportunities, information, and mentoring. Although women outnumber men on many higher education courses in India, just 22 percent of all female graduates go on to enter the workforce – and(…)

A Business Case for Flexi Work

Flexi work is defined as being able to choose when or where to work. Surveys conducted globally show that employees are looking for ways to achieve a better work-life balance. Businesses on the other hand, are looking to maximize productivity and engagement with employees. Companies that have the business foresight to put flexi work policies(…)

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