#NoBrakes #UpInTheAir

Today was an extraordinarily relaxed Sunday. I got up leisurely, read, spent over 90 minutes going through my yoga notes and retraining on them, oiled my hair, sunned myself till I was baked. A hearty lunch later, I totally thought I am not going to check emails or Slack or anything on our dashboard (which I(…)

Go Big Or Go Home

Big is Better If You Are Building A Business Here is why: Everyone has 24 hours Every entrepreneur works hard and gives their business all their time and energy. The amount of time spent on building a small business and a large business is the same. Serve more customers A bigger business can potentially reach(…)

#Mumswithoutbabysitters. This is my story.

My colleague Aditi brought her son Aryan to work today. Another colleague Smriti who is a remote worker, is often seen in office with toddler son Meir.  We recently moved office and made sure we provision for a room – we call the Baby and Yoga room – two things we need to make space(…)

Top 5 Tips For Women To Revamp Their Careers

In a country like India, where women are expected to sacrifice their careers after marriage or dedicate themselves to motherhood. It is important for such women to understand that they are much more capable and equipped to touch the sky, rather they block themselves from a world of opportunities. Women can define success, leaving no(…)

Mums Who Bat For Other Mums – Thank You Leena

It has been a hectic year or more at work, paced suitably with tons of travel, three state commutes (Noida – Delhi – Gurgaon), a voracious amount of action with our teams growing and of course scores of other things I keep saying yes to. A fun in the trenches roller coaster, except it is(…)

What are YOU Asking for Today?

How many times have you hoped to ask a colleague for something they are knowledgeable about and didn’t? Did it happen that you wanted to get someone to baby sit, so that you could spend time elsewhere? Ever caught yourself in a loop of hesitation over something so simple to ask? Don’t know how to(…)

Kiss of Good Health

Being the CEO of a company, mother to a 10-year-old I have a schedule that requires me to travel almost 3 days a week and come back home to my daughter every night. Amidst the crazy schedule I am left with barely any time to take care of my health. As I enter my late(…)

Do it as Love

Love as career strategy is not something taught in our schools and colleges. The burden of logical decisions, duly accorded by market forces and trends shapes our education, jobs, career and life decisions. Fairly so! There is a place for that. What if we inverted this on its head and make love the centrifugal force(…)

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